Offering Shimmerlys at your salon provides

large income possibilities for you.



These are only suggested prices:

When putting in just a few, the price is $4 a knot

Or offer 10 for $30

(that seems to be the average)

Of course the pricing is up to you.



Initially you’ll put them in for friends

while you get practice in attaching Shimmerlys.

Send them out into the world

(with your business card of course)

and watch the new clientele come in.



50 strands in a pack


50 x $4 = $200

or even

50 x $3 = $150


and the pack cost $10


Not a bad profit.



For more information:  Please give me a call


Lucy Galbraith




530-913-5563 cell



or send me an email and mention Shimmerlys in the subject line



If you are within a couple hours driving distance of Sacramento,

I would be happy to come to your salon for a demonstration.

You can see all the colors,

Play with and practice tying Shimmerlys.


It’s fun!