Shimmerly strands are tied to

one hair at a time

give new and exciting highlights

without any chemical treatment.


These beautiful strands come in 34 colors

to compliment any hair color, occasion, or mood.


Shimmer for the hair

Adding attraction to you.


Avoid small tooth combs but otherwise….

Brush, comb, wash, condition,

and style your hair like normal.


Treat your Shimmerlys just like your natural hair.


Under most conditions,  they are not damaged by

dryers, professions flat irons, or professional

curling irons. (tested up to 410 degrees)

The rich color and sparkle are unchanged by either

semi permanent colors or henna hair coloring.

Some changes (usually to silver) may result

from permanent coloring and highlighting.


With gentle care, Shimmerlys last

until the hair that it’s tied to falls out.


Shimmerlys are for everyone

and not just for special occasions

but everyday!!


Wherever you go, whatever you do,

Shimmerlys add excitement to your life!